Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 Days to Leadville: An Update

Since the Voyageur race, mentally and physically preparing for Leadville has been a new challenge.

Fear of the unknown and a loss of confidence due to my scary race experience in Minnesota are what I've been struggling with the last couple of weeks. Thoughts such as: How is it possible for a human to cover 100 miles non-stop?! If I can't finish 50 miles unscathed there's no way 100 is possible! Why am I even trying this; I have CF?!

After stepping back to analyze it, I've started thinking that these must be the same thoughts that attack anyone who is setting out to accomplish something that they never thought possible. Since this upcoming race is my Mt. Everest, it wouldn't make sense for me to not be anxious, excited, and scared to some degree.

My Cystic Fibrosis doctor and nutritionist at National Jewish have been another key to me regaining a measure of confidence. They are helping me formulate a scientific hydration and salt intake plan for Leadville that should keep my fluids and electrolytes in perfect balance for the duration of the race. All I will have to worry about is the minor task of covering the distance and dealing with the blisters and fatigue :)

At this point, just finishing a 100 mile foot race will be victory for me (and hopefully other families and individuals who are affected by CF.) Goal time: 23:45.xx

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brownie said...

Good luck! Big buckle or bust...