Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to Training!!

Sometimes the best way to get out of an excercise (or lack thereof) funk and regain motivation is to sign up for a race completely on a whim. This generally gives you a real, tangible need to start training again. I have done this with all the big races I've ever completed. When I signed up for Leadville last April, I could barely complete a 50 mile race without feeling like complete death... so why wouldn't I sign up?? Duh. Makes complete sense.
Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2009. Obviously the standard operating procedure would be to eat, drink, and be merry until you puke... OR, you could sign up for a 100 mile race that's barely over 8 weeks away. Never being known for my planning, that is the option that was chosen on Thursday.
 On February 6th 2010 I'll be attempting the Rocky Raccoon 100 in Texas!!
Get the full scoop here:

Time to cut back on the beer and ramp up on the running... 69 days and counting!