Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leadville Entrants and Predictions

The 2010 Leadville 100 entrants list was just posted on the LT100 site earlier.
Officially, there will be 780 runners, not counting any late competitive entries that the RD allows (read: Tony Krupicka).

It's kind of exciting having one of the low numbers which signifies my placement in last year's contest:
Bib #30: Brooks Williams

As nice of a ring as that # has, I want next year's bib # to be 15 or so! We'll see. There's a lot of pain to endure between now and a top-20 finish at Leadville.
My main goal is to finish before last call at the Scarlet Tavern, which would mean a sub-21:30 finish, and a cold beer to numb the pain! Ultimately though, after my recent DNF at Hardrock, just finishing will be a victory.

Let me also go on the record now and predict a Tony Krupicka win in a time which should make course record holder, Matt Carpenter, uneasy. I won't be surprised if he finishes in the 15:30 to 16 hour range.



Brandon Fuller said...

Thanks for the tip. I got 313.

brownie said...

Wow, a realistic goal and you're predicting Tony won't get the record? What's happened to you?