Monday, December 13, 2010

What will 2011 hold?!

I've spent the last month or two thinking about what races, travel, or other adventures I want to embark on in 2011. I'd been waiting to put together a set game-plan until I knew whether or not I would be running Western States in June. Obviously, the lottery last week wasn't favorable for either me or Colorado runners in general, and I now have an open schedule next Spring/Summer/Fall.

So it's time to start preparing and looking ahead to another stellar year... I encourage feedback or suggestions, so don't be shy in commenting! Here are the races I'm doing for sure:
  • Brew to Brew - 44 Miles - April 3rd, Kansas
  • Boston Marathon - April 18th
  • Leadville Trail 100, August 20th. This is the one I want to peak for this season. Sub-19 hour and top 5 is the goal. Having experience on this course and two good finishes, I don't think this is unrealistic.
Here are some races I'm also interested in:
  • Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50/100- March 25th, Utah. The only problem I see with this one is its close proximity to B2B the next weekend. I'm going to need more than a week to recover from a 100 miler, but I could always do the 50 mile distance. These races look fast and beautiful. Located on an island on the Great Salt Lake!
  • DRTE 100 - April 29th, California
  • Collegiate Peaks 50 - May 7. This is just an all-around fun race that I've participated in the past two years. If it conflicts with something way more awesome, I'll gladly push it aside for a year, though.
  • Miwok 100k... oops. I just realized the lottery closed last Friday, so this one is off the list.
  • Hardrock Hundred - July 8th. What more needs to be said about this one? I have a personal vendetta against the race that beat me and humbled me last summer. Only problem I see here is that it too is a lottery and I'm not guaranteed entry.
  • White River 50 - July 31st - Washington. I'm about 75% sure I'll be doing this one, even if it's just my excuse to run and catch up with my buddy, Andy Henshaw. If you're not already familiar with the name, 2011 should change that. He's among the newest members of the Montrail Ultrarunning team, alongside other greats such as Geoff Roes and Dakota Jones.
Let me know what you think of the tentative plan and please feel free to offer suggestions for other races/events I might have overlooked. Even if it's not an ultra-distance event, I'm not closing the door on any options!

For now, it's still relaxation mode for this guy. Tonight I'll be seeing these fellas rockin' it at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs. Should be a good time...



Scotty K. said...

Looks like a fun plan...hope to see you in BV @ Collegiate Peaks. It's the only thing I (sorta) know I'll be able to make it to in 2011 since my other big plans for the first six month have already been thrashed by work.

thuy said...

Would love to see you again in Santa Barbara. The race is now called SBER. The heat should be negligible in April compared to the 103 last June.