Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leadville Training Weekend

My buddy Brandon and I have talked about meeting up for a winter training/play weekend in Leadville for about a month now, and finally last weekend all the pieces came together and we were able to get some altitude training in, and also watch all the random festivities at their yearly winter carnival. This included:
  • Ski-Joring - aka: Getting pulled behind a pissed off horse in full gallop and launched off large man-made obstacles in front of hundreds of jeering spectators. Everyone is somehow disappointed every time a skier has a successful run because watching idiots crash and burn is way more entertaining!
  • Sled-Dog Racing
  • Nighttime Mountain Bike Racing - Temps in the teens at the start. Nothing athletic in Leadville appears sane!

Leadville Crystal Carnival from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

While on the subject of Leadville, Brandon has also just launched a new site dedicated to all things LT100 related. Check it out at:

Finally, after scrounging around there for a while, I also found this cool video of the 2010 race start, featuring yours truly at front and center. Duncan is squatting down to the left of me, and Tony sneaks in next to me just seconds before we take off.

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Brandon Fuller said...

Good seeing you again, lover. I still cherish our time in San Francisco where we could be free to express ourselves without shame.