Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 White River 50 Preview

Here's what I know so far about this coming weekend:
  1. Lots of snow still. What this means is fixed ropes and miscellaneous treachery for about 2 miles of the course. CAN NOT WAIT!
  2. Bib #4. This is the same number I had when I won Brew to Brew in April. I'm not superstitious at all, but I'm still excited to have gotten this race number.
  3. Live tracking via Twitter. I don't know much about this Twitter crap, but if you just can't contain your excitement and need to know where the runners are at at all times, then go to:!/whiteriver50
  4. If you aren't familiar with the race, here is Tony K's race report from the first year he won it ('09). Lot's of cool photos, as well.
I had an A goal of running <7:15 going into this week, but after hearing more about the course conditions, I wouldn't be surprised if only the top 1 or 2 guys go this fast. This being the case, all time goals are out the window, and I would be ecstatic with claiming a top-10 at this iconic race, regardless of how long it takes me. We shall see!

Oh, and finally, I predict a big win for the recently unstoppable Andy Henshaw. He's super fit right now as he is looking to improve on his world-leading 100k time from April, when he races in the 100k World Championships in September in the Netherlands.


Brett said...

G'luck buddy, have a great race and roll it into success at LeadVille!

Brooks said...

Thanks, man! When will we be crossing paths again at a race??