Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Healthy Brooks = Happy Brooks

I'm pleased to report that my lungs are still in tip-top shape, despite recently recovering from a head/chest cold, and not having run as much as desired lately. At last week's check-up - which was my first since March - I was surprised to see my important number (FEV1) at 90%... a 1% increase from earlier in the year, and my highest since '09.

The lack of running was due primarily to a weeklong vacation in Costa Rica with Holly. Surpisingly, I had no desire to run while out there, despite the perfect weather. That was the last bit of rest I needed - mentally and physically - because I am now logging miles that I haven't touched since early September. I know I only have 7 weeks to prepare for Rocky Raccoon, but I'm confident in full fitness if I can hold the course I'm on.

This year's race will probably be the most fun out-of-state event I've ever done, just due to the size of the Colorado contingent. From Colorado Springs alone, the following friends will be racing: Marc Pevoteaux (100), Amanda Ewing (50), Sean O'Day (50), Andy Wooten (100), Amy Perez (50), Dan Vega (100), Andy Henshaw (ex-Colorado Springs friend, 50), and yours truly (100). When you include the following crew/pacers - Holly, Lizzie, Eric, Melissa - that ends up being 12 peeps.

I'll try to post a couple more times in the weeks leading up to the race to update everyone on my training progress.



Brandon Fuller said...

Will you and Holly be running this in a sack-race style together? Or are you going to put her on your back. I hear that you are inseparable.

Brooks said...

I'll push her in running stroller...