Friday, December 18, 2009

Brooks' Ultra Running Insights: Volume 1

I have decided to begin sharing sage advice based on my ultra running experiences in the last couple of years... believe me, these are gems, so you better grab a pen and paper!

#1 - Hangovers and other forms of non running physical punishment are great forms of cross training for ultra distance races. The key is to get really good at suffering!!
Some suggestions:
  • Have your friends punch you in the nose at unexpected times.
  • After a tequila shot, squirt the lime in your eye.
  • Jump out of the hot tub and make snow angels.
  • Drink epicac (sp?) to get used to puking... a lot. Brussel sprouts and excessive amounts of alcohol tend to work also.
  • Antagonize wild animals as much as possible, especially if they look rabid.
  • Drop full soup cans on your bare toes to get your feet used to the what they'll feel like after 12+ hours of running.
#2 - Having a really bad sense of direction and getting lost a lot will naturally convert you from a runner to an ultra-runner, whether you like it or not. Try a night run on unfamiliar trails without a headlamp... and before you know it you'll have logged a 20+ miler!

#3 - Keep a shaker of Morton's salt with you on your long runs or races and save the cash on S-Caps or Endurolytes. (A less extreme option is to buy Thermo Tabs from the pharmacy. Less than $10 and they have a lot of sodium and pottasium!)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha- love it! I have done the hot tub thing before...oh and a couple of hangovers here and there, so, I'm halfway there right?

Brooks said...

Sounds like you're well on your way, my friend! There will be more installments to follow so be prepared!