Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler

Having just limped off the plane a couple hours ago after a long weekend in the Huntsville, Texas,  I want to post my split times from this weekends race before I forget!
(These are all approximate, +/- 2 minutes.)

20 mile split: 2:51
40 mile split: 5:54
50 MILE SPLIT: 7:24.xx (50 mile PR)
60 mile split: 9:19
80 mile split: 13:09
100 MILES. FINAL TIME: 17:31.xx (official results forthcoming, but I believe I was 12th overall)

With this being a 5 lap course, my motivation to get back out there for each ensuing lap waned as the hours ticked by and the fatigue compounded. This is apparent when you notice how much slower my 2nd 50 mile split was.
As the day progressed I began to really stuggle mentally, and didn't want to even attempt lap #4... that having been said, even though my friend Sean had run the 50 miler earlier in the day (and set a new PR), he still attempted to pace me on the last lap. Despite the fact he didn't make it the entire 20 miles, it's safe to say I wouldn't have been able to turn around and get right back on course without him helping me initially.
Misery loves company, and sometimes all it takes is another person and headlamp beside you to head back into the dark and suffer for a few more hours...


Justin Walker said...

Man, I am blown away! I didnt think you would go that fast! Impressive! I am inspired!!

BLOS said...

Consider yourself fortunate that you weren't crocodile dinner! ;)