Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010 Recap

With 4 days to go until Rocky Raccoon, I am fighting a cold... great timing. The same thing happened to me the week before Leadville and I still finished, so I'm hoping for the same outcome this time. Anyway, here's how January treated me:

184 miles ran (average of 6 miles per day)
3 races ran:

Rescue Run 10k on New Years Day: Horrible performance
Winter Series I 6.2+ miler: 50:09. 9th overall. This was a hilly, icy, nasty course, thus the slow finishing time.
Winter Series II 8 miler: 52:35. 10th overall.

I have only been running distances less than 10 miles for the last week to allow my legs to freshen up for the impending, inevitable pain of running 100 miles that's just around the corner.

All in all, with the coldness and the short days, I would consider this a respectable January. The weekly mileage is only going to increase from here, and hopefully 2010 will be a 2500+ mile year!

Next time I post will be after Rocky...


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