Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Western States Prediction

(6/28/10 Post-race update: What an incredible race... Roes and Krupicka reinforced their dominance of the sport! Just being a crew member/spectator and being able to watch the battle unfold throughout the day was thrilling; maybe the most exciting event I've ever witnessed. Congrats to Tony and Nick for making top-5... good showing for Colorado!)

Okay, so this is kinda last minute, but since Western States is tomorrow morning, I'm going to make my race prediction:
  1. Tony Krupicka 
  2. Geoff Roes
  3. Hal Koerner
  4. Andy Henshaw
  5. Nick Clark
Just from being in Squaw Valley the last couple of days, being around the hype and excitement, and gettting to hear other runner's feedback, I feel like these are safe predictions.

Also, if you've been following the online buzz leading up to Western, you'll quickly notice that I've failed to include the famed Killian Jornet from Spain... but this wasn't a mistake. I predict he'll DNF at some point late in the race when concedes that he's not going to be the winner... up until that point, I imagine he'll be in the top 5.


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BLOS said...

At least Jornet didn't turn crybaby and quit when he realized he had to settle for 3rd...