Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Hardrock 100 Home Stretch: Observations. Thoughts. Concerns. Life.

About 11 months ago I recall being in a similiar mental state to where I'm currently at: At that time I was  preparing for the 2009 Leadville 100, which was my first 100 mile foot race, and I was full of both excitement and fear of the unknown. I was truly anxious about whether I was fit enough/tough enough to cover the distance, and also whether or not I was going to seriously injure or kill myself out there (having just had a disasterous race in MN that left me in the ER overnight)!

When I've thought about all the emotions along with new and exciting feelings I was experiencing prior to Leadville, I've fondly missed this anticipation. Having completed another 100 miler since then, along with numerous other ultra's, I didn't expect that thrill to ever return when preparing for a big race...

... and then, earlier this week, it happened!

This week I've been forced to stay off my feet for a few days because of a nagging achilles pain that appeared after Blue Canyon, which had gotten progressively worse up to the point that I was forced to drop from the Garden of the God's 10 Mile race last weekend.
This time has afforded me the opportunity to step back and reflect on all the adventures and events in my life that have transpired since last year, and spend a little more time looking at Hardrock logistics. With barely 3 weeks until I step to the starting line, the magnitude of this race has finally sunk in, along with the excitement and fear of the unknown!

Questions about my fitness, my altitude training, my overall mileage, my achilles pain, my mental toughness, my ability to go a day and half without sleep, and general race/crew logistics are flooding my brain. My first thought when I get up in the morning has to do with Hardrock, as do many of the thoughts in between then and when I go to bed at night. Not being able to run forces me to think about it all the more!

So that being said, what I'm really trying to express is how great these feelings are. I feel alive and I look forward to tackling what has become my new Mount Everest in a few short weeks!

I'll be flying out to the Western States 100 next week to help pace my good friend Andy Henshaw the last 30 miles of the race. It's going to be incredible witnessing the showdown between the elite runners this year, while having the opportunity to help one of them first hand... we're thinking definite top-10 for Andy, maybe top 5!

When I'm not running or working these days, here's what's occupying me:
  • Books: Cities of the Plain by Cormac McCarthy
  • Music: Even though it's been months now, I still can't get enough Yeasayer. Now that I've listened to their new album probably 100+ times, I'm officially hooked on their older stuff... here's one that I currently dig:


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