Monday, October 18, 2010

Recent and Upcoming Shenanigans

So despite the 2+ week break from any long stuff, I've still been active and busy. Let's take these in chronological order:

10/9/10 - The 2010 McNugget Challenge 5k
In case the name didn't give it away, this inaugural unsanctioned USATF event involved eating lots of chicken McNuggets from McDonalds, and then running a 5k. Specifically, 50 McNuggets in less than an hour. This year's event saw 7 brave entrants and an equally large crowd on hand to witness the festivities. Here's how it went down:
    • The only way to DQ was to throw up prior to completing both legs of the challenge.
    • 4 participants were able to eat the 50 McNuggets in the allotted time.
    • 3 participants were able to successfully complete the 5k.
    • EVERY participant threw up before all was said and done.
"Why?", you may ask. Why not?!
Heck, McDonalds can't expect to offer 50 of these vile devils for only $9.99 and then expect me to not consider the possibility of combining gluttony and running into an event for like-minded (insert: stupid) individuals.

(Video montage courtesy of Matt Laubhan. Classic...)

Official Results:
  1. Marc Pevoteaux - 18:5x
  2. Brooks Williams - 20:xx
  3. Ken Newton - 21:xx
  4. James Kaminski - DNF
10/17/10 - Pikes Peak Road Runners Fall Series II (5 Miles)
It had been 4 years since the last time I competed in this fun local race, and since I was volunteering to lead the kids race anyway, I decided to enter. This one includes 3 river crossings, lots of vertical, and a muddy rope climb right before the finish!
My race wasn't too spectacular, although I was over 5 minutes faster than my 2006 time which just reinforces how much stronger of a runner I am these days. I'd consider my current conditioning as 'weak and rundown', so it was still nice to see a big improvement. My final time was 34:32, good for about 20th place.

Surprisingly, leading the kids race proved to be a more impressive feat. Who knew a bunch of snot-nosed 12 year olds would give this old guy a run for his money?! No joke: This one kid named Tanner is 12 years old and has run a 5:12 mile... you do the math and imagine how ugly it was when I had to lead the course (2 miles) on the same trails and hills that had already kicked my butt once that day. Except this time I had a bunch of ravenous, blood thirsty, kids chasing me!

(I'll have you know that I successfully stayed ahead of the little brats but had to run a 6:29 average up/down steep hills to do it! That'll show them who's boss.)

New Races Added
And finally, this morning I pulled the trigger and entered two more upcoming events:
  • 2010 North Face 50 in San Francisco
  • 2011 Boston Marathon
This Saturday is the Deadmans Peak Trail Race in Cuba, NM, and after that I'll try to find a way to stay conditioned through 12/4/10 and knock out yet another one... despite having wanted to end my race season after Leadville. I never claim to be smart.


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