Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who's the Deadman?!

That's my only real question going into this weekends' solo road trip/car camping/ultramarathon adventure in 'No-mans-land' New Mexico... aka the Deadman Peaks Trail Race.

After a bad experience the last time I road tripped to a 50 miler (insert: overnight ER visit), let's hope the name of this one isn't prophetic!

On a completely different racing note: When I signed up for the Boston Marathon earlier this week, I had no idea I'd be one of the few who actually got in before it sold out in record time. It's a bittersweet feeling, on the one hand I'm going to be part of a special race on a historic year, but on the other, most of my friends weren't able to get registered in time and won't be able to share it with me!

After this year, it looks like it might be time to make the qualifying standard more difficult again so Boson can regain the exclusivity and prestige it once had as an elite running event. For example the current qualifying time for under-35 males is now 20 minutes slower than it used to be (3:10 vs. 2:50). I, for one, want to see it get harder again!

Brooks 'Deadman' Williams


Brian said...

Brooks, I think you need to come back to Minnesota in July for another crack at Voyageur. Good luck this weekend in NM...have fun man.

Andy Henshaw said...

looks like you need to get 5 minutes and 17 seconds faster sir!