Friday, August 5, 2011

2011 Leadville 100 Entrants (Predictions Forthcoming)

Within 5 minutes of originally posting this and stating the entrants list had not been issued, I discovered the list is actually up...
That being the case, I've listed the names that I would say are contenders for top-10 overall.

It's always fun to size up the competition beforehand, and I want to know your opinions/guesses, too. If I'm missing anyone, I'll add them to the pool and once we get enough names and time guesses, I'll shoot out my top-10 prediction.

In no particular order:
  • Ryan Burch (Overdue for a killer 100 miler performance.)
  • Duncan Callahan (2 time LT100 winner, but not on list... hmmm.)
  • Dylan Bowman (Top-3 last year.)
  • Brendan Tremboli (First 100-miler.)
  • Dan Vega (2nd to Carpenter in 2005.)
  • Harry Harcrow (Numerous top-10's at Leadville.)
  • Neal Gorman (Top-5 last year.)
  • Patrick Garcia (First 100-miler.)
  • Tim Parr (2009 LT100 winner.)
  • Marco Peinado (Lives in Leadville. Overdue for a strong 100 finish.)
  • Ryan Sandes (Apparently runs with the big dogs overseas.)
  • Michael Arnstein (Fast on flatter terrain. Just won the Vermont 100.)
  • Lynette Clemons (3rd fastest womens time ever in 2009.)
  • Brian Fischer (Has broken 20 hours at Leadville before.)
  • Bob Africa (Looks strong from his past results.)
  • Zach Crandall (2011 Leadville Marathon winner.)
  • Jeff Browning (Numerous 100 mile victories.)
  • Allen Belshaw (Has a nice resume with a handful of race victories thrown in.)
  • John Anderson (Fast Boulder guy.)
  • Tim Long (Strong and consistent. Been personally beaten by him before.)
  • Dan Barger (Top-10 at WS100 this year at age 45.)
  • Oz Pearlman (Really fast 50 mile guy.)
  • Bob Sweeney (Ultrarunning veteran.)
  • Me (Broke 20 hours last year.)
Help me out! Fire away...


Brandon Fuller said...

The list is up now.

Honey Badger is not on it though.

Anton said...

Ryan Sandes

Brooks said...

Thanks guys... post is now completely revised.

Gangels said...

Quick glance these are the names that stand out not already covered.

Bob Africa
John Anderson
Allen Belshaw
Jeff Browning
Zach Crandall
Brian Fisher
Jason Koop

Leadville seems to be the making of an Epic.

Brooks said...

Thanks for the names. The list is now updated. I do know that Koop is injured and won't be running, though.

Footfeathers said...

john anderson
dan barger
jeff browning
brian fisher
jason koop
oz pearlman
bob sweeney

Brooks said...

Thanks. I'll get a them added, as well as YOU. I missed your name completely, too.

GZ said...

It is most definitely not Bob Sweeney's first hundred. That guy did a 13:05 a few years back. He was a DNF at Pb last year.

Brooks said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Correction made.

Running with MTP said...

Not sure, but I would think it will take 16:xx to win this year. To me that mean's a few people will have to go out of their comfort zone and risk the crash and burn.

Michael Henze

solarweasel said...

thanks for the nod, brooks. i can't wait to see how things play out. looking forward to catching up with all the names mentioned before/after the race!

btw, anyone in Pb-ville for the next 10 days feel free to track me down for a jog or to hang out... I'm getting bored w/ all the downtime :)

-brendan t