Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rocky Raccoon: Live Tracking

For those of you that want to keep tabs on how this weekend's big race unfolds from the comfort of your own home, there should be a live race tracking link posted on the main Rocky Raccoon page ( Saturday morning.

If not, here is a reliable Twitter source for all updates ultrarunning-related:!/iRunFar

The race will be starting at 5:00am MST, and if all goes as planned, I'll be done well before midnight... ASSUMING mother nature even allows me to get down there. Looks like a nasty blizzard is coming through tomorrow and Friday which might impact this. Fingers crossed; I don't want all this training to be for naught!



Drew said...

Crazy Fast Time! Well done Brooks

patrick said...

Congrats, Brooks! Sub 15 is amazing.

Alex Gillespie said...

awesome time!

Kayle said...

Hey great job! It's so encouraging to find other people with CF pushing boundaries every day!

Brooks said...

Drew, Pat, and Alex: Thanks guys... I can't begin to tell you how bad it hurt those last few hours. Race report should be interesting.
Kayle: Being able to provide inspiration to others with CF is an honor. Thank you!

Josh Katzman said...


Great running with you for a bit - sorry we couldn't have done more of it. Would love to compare notes about the experience. My email is


Josh Katzman