Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trailrunner Interview

After last week's finish at Rocky, Trail Runner magazine contacted me for a follow up interview about the race. Having written an article about me in the December 2011 issue, they were following this event closely to see how I did.

Here's the link to the published article:

And here's a link to the full unedited interview:



Buzz said...

The first line says, "Williams lives with cystic fibrosis (CF)..."
The subtitle says, "CF sufferer Brooks Williams ..."

Are you a "CF sufferer"? Or (and?) do you "live" with it?

My grandson either "suffers" from it or "lives" with it, but he's too young to ask, so thought I'd ask you!

Brooks said...

I can honestly say - with the exception of when I'm sick - that I am "living" with...

By being proactive about exercise I sometimes feel so good I don't even realize I have the disease. The only real "suffering" is when I'm sick... for me a common cold could be the catalyst to a potentially life-threatening infection, but so far, I have been fortunate enough to avoid this!


patrick said...

cool article, brooks! see you at salida next month.