Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy These Days

So I've been out of commission on the blogging front for several months now, but for good reason.
Here's the cliff-notes version of my life since February:
  • Set a 5k PR on St. Patrick's Day. 18:12. Not impressive, I know, but it's not a distance I care to train for.
  • Got engaged to my lovely girlfriend (now fiance), Holly!
  • Watched Fast Andy race at the 100k World Championships in Seregno, Italy.
  • Attempted Collegiate Peaks 50 one day after getting back from Italy. Jet lag, lack of training, and being at sea level for nearly 2 weeks resulted in my only finishing the 25 mile event. Managed 6th overall.
  • Colorado Colfax Marathon: Yesterday I came within seconds of my marathon PR from Boston last year by running 2:50.02. No training. No speedwork. 4th overall.
Having had some decent results at the couple events I've entered, as of late, I'm getting my motivation back to train hard for Leadville in August. I've not run over 35-40 miles per week for 2 months now, but somehow I'm maintaining good fitness, so I can only imagine what some decent mileage could lead to.

Next time I post, I hope to have more good news.

Off to plan a wedding...

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Bruce Downs said...

Great job in the Colfax. I was right with you running the 10 miler. You passed me with a mile or so to go. I use your marathon PR as my new marathon goal, though I'm not sure how realistic that is. Then again, who says goals need to 100% realistic?