Thursday, August 9, 2012

Changes Leading Up to Leadville 2012

The 2012 edition of the Leadville Trail 100 is just days away, and for the 4th consecutive year, I'm planning on toeing the starting line. This being the case, I'm long overdue for a running related post to recap my summer, and my training.

Something you might notice towards the top of the page is that my running log seems to have stopped months ago. No, I have not actually stopped running, however, I have stopped logging mileage or wearing a watch. I'm not going to profess to be a "zen" runner or anything like that, but rather, my laziness and lack of desire to track these things (or put a new battery in my watch) has led to a new found freedom and overall enjoyment of running. I've still managed a long run (20+) just about every week since I stopped tracking miles, and I've run at least a mile or two almost every day for about 6 weeks. Exactly how much? I can't really tell you because I don't know myself...

While this is fun, I'm slightly apprehensive going into next week's race. Have I done enough? Am I ready? Honestly, I think so, but my confidence is pretty low right now since I haven't had an ultra finish since February's 100 miler in Texas.

I'd love to beat my 2010 LT100 time of 19:57, but I'm not going to give a predicted time, goal time, or predicted finish... I'll leave that to Karl. All I want to worry about is running until I see that blinking stoplight on 6th Street calling me home!

Next time I write, I'll hopefully have big buckle #4 around my waist and a fun story for all.


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The stoplight blinks? Que?